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Sol-Chip™ Energy Harvester

Sol Chip Energy Harvester is a unique Photo Voltaic (PV) cell which produces six selectable voltage levels: 0.75 volt, 1.5 volt, 2.25 volt, 3 volt, 4.5 volt, 9 volt.

Each selectable voltage delivers different current.

The maximum power which can be extracted in full daylight is ~4.0 mWatt and in office lighting the power extracted is
up to 22 μWatt, dependent on ambient lighting intensity.

Additional voltage levels and also several voltage and power levels can be delivered simultaneously from separate pins of the device.

Product Specification

Voc: 0.75V, 1.5V,
2.25V, 3V,
4.5V, 9V
ISC(1) at full daylight: 8.2 mAmp
Pmax at full daylight: 4.0 mWatt
Pmax at office light(2): up to 22 μWatt
(1) For the case of Voc=0.75v.
(2) Depends on light conditions



Dual Charge Storage: When Load current < PV current, the Storage Cap 1 is charged and enables charge buffering. This will increase the energy efficiency.