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( 24V output ) Isolated 3-Phase PFC Module : APFIC-115-3PH-24x-FT-x

The AeroQor 3-Phase Isolated PFC Module is a high power, high efficiency AC-DC converter. 
It operates from a 115 Vrms AC input and generates an isolated DC output. Regulated 
output and droop output modules are available. Used in conjunction with SynQor’s 
AC line filter, the pair will draw a nearly perfect sinusoidal current (PF>0.99) from a 3-Phase AC input.

The module is supplied completely encased to provide protection from the harsh
environments seen in many industrial areas.

 AC INPUT: 3-Phase 100-140 Vrms (L-N) 45-800 Hz
 DC OUTPUT: 24 Vdc 31 A 750 W